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In May of 2003 in Camdenton, Missouri my wife Laurie and I survived a tornado that destroyed our home while we were in it. That “tragedy” was the catalyst to discovering so many amazing and wonderful lessons about life and relationships.

Every trial Laurie and I have gone through has brought us closer to each other and given us a deeper understanding of God’s love for us. We learned that God doesn’t waste anything, and every tragedy presents an opportunity to press in deeper with the Lord, and to learn lessons that can only happen as we travel through The Valley. 

We have learned that God does his best work at those times.

Several years later my friend Wendy, and I were sharing stories about the many life-lessons Laurie and I learned following the tornado. She told me she keeps a diary called “My High Places.” It contains stories of how God helped her through trials in her life when she was feeling down, or felt as though God had maybe forgotten or abandoned her, she would open her book of high places and reminisce about the times God really was right there with her all along.

Thank you, Wendy, for inspiring me to start this blog, and to God for not ever letting me forget I needed to do this.

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