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  Want to share your story? Start here.  

Rules for Posting

I use Microsoft Office so if you have Microsoft Word, please use that. If not, I will do what

I can to upload your story. If I can’t, I will contact you so we can work something out.

Basic Questions: I need to know the following.

1.  Can I use all or part of your real name, a penname, or anonymous?

2.  Do you want a brief bio. Who you are. What do you do?

3.  If you have pictures, three or four max. Which pic will be your featured picture? 

4.  What is the title of your story?

5.  Are you willing to share your contact info in case someone wants to learn more?

Editing: The only wordsmithing that will be applied to your submission will be correcting spelling and grammatical errors unless it is a quote, in which case the wording will stand as quoted.

Story Length:  Keep your stories short without sacrificing the impact of the story. Right at 1,000 words equals a 4 to 5 min read. Otherwise think about writing chapters with "to be continued."

Adding Graphics:  If you would like to include photos, please do. But remember stock photos from the internet my be subject to royalties and could get us both in trouble.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting!

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