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And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Story by Pastor Jerry O'Dell

One Year Update to Jerry's original story: Faith-Over-Fear

We head to Columbia to our “home away from home” during the last season of our lives! Michele is scheduled July 13th for a day of tests, scans, blood draws and consults. We determined to go up the day before so she could have a good night’s rest before a fairly long day at Ellis Fischel. It’s hard to believe this is nearly a 2-year journey!

What a difference a year makes!

We appreciate so much the constant prayer that has followed us (better said, “covered us”) on this journey over the last 20+ months. Not only the prayers but the “prayers with skin on ‘em” that paved the way for amazing results in the surgery, the chemo treatments, the care at the hospital and during the treatments and surgery. I have nothing but praise to the Lord for the incredible care and medical treatment at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.

The Heartland body has been nothing short of amazing during this season. In fact, we have been so blessed to have heard from and been encouraged through prayers by folks from every ministry that we have had the privilege of serving over the last 50 years! I really don’t know what we would have done without the support and provision with help on motel rooms and travel expenses, meals and even supplies.

We do sense that we are nearing the “end of this leg of the journey”, but nowhere near the end of what the Lord is going to do with Michele’s testimony. I’ve often heard it said: “The difficulty with having “testimonies” is developing the “moanies” in the middle of the “test”! I can say without hesitation, Michele has not been a moaner! Even in the middle of the tests, trips, treatments, and even the surgeries... all I’ve heard from her has been confidence in the “goodness of God.”

My favorite worship song (in fact, I cry through it every time) says this in the chorus:

“All my life You have been faithful

All my life You have been so, so, good

With every breath that I am able

Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God”

He IS so, so good! It HAS been (at times) difficult... but even in those times, HIS faithfulness has preceded us every step of the way.

Thank you to all those who have stood with us and prayed us through this season of our lives... YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN!!

We pray that you, too, will be BLESSED INDEED!!

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