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I Can’t Do This Alone - It’s Not About Me

Well folks, I've run out of stories/testimonials about God's goodness and miraculous interventions in my life. I've shared my thoughts about my relationship with God and how I believe He guides us, loves us, disciplines us, applies His amazing grace and forgiveness towards us in our daily lives. How He will never leave us nor forsake us especially during the times we walk through the valley. If you haven’t noticed, those are the times we learn the most about ourselves and Him. He makes His constant presence in our life real and tangible.

I have a basket full of ideas that haven’t hatched into a full story yet. Things that have happened, but I just can’t get them to take form. When I started the Our High Places website, I did it because God had been after me for years to share the amazing things He has done and accomplished in my and Laurie’s life.

I’ve said it before. I named it Our High Places not My High Places because when I started this project I believed others would want to share their God-stories too. And some have. People like my friends Mark Berg, and Dawn Dieckman. Renee Johnson contributed 3 stories. Tina Mason Kissane, Rich and Pam Martin, and Melissa Parten-Moore, Pastor Jerry O’Dell, Michele Rose, and Mark Schoenhoff. My brother Scott, sister Kristine, and the love of my life Laurie Grathen. But the well has run dry for now. I will continue to post stuff on the OHPs facebook page and all members are welcome and encouraged to do the same.

I know God has worked miracles in your life, why not share those stories? Contact me and I'll help you write them. Just ask Dawn Dieckman.

God bless you and thank you all for making Our High Places a success.

By the way, Our High Places now has over 250 members and growing. I’ll introduce the newest seven of them to you shortly.

To submit a story for posting to Our High Places send it to

For more stories from Our High Places website - click here

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