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Jehovah Rapha “LORD Who Heals”

Updated: May 16

Story by: Melissa Moore

Seven years ago, I remember this exact moment. I was folding and putting away tiny baby sleepers, outfits, and tiny socks...choking back tears. I can't help but feel so overjoyed and extremely blessed! Not everyone knows our story.

When I met my husband, he knew we could not have children together. I had a tubal ligation procedure done 9 years prior. Stepchildren is all he would get, if we ended up together. This was perfectly okay for him. I remember when we started dating and I explained that I couldn’t have any more children he responded with “That’s okay if that’s the plan God has for me.” I knew right then he was going to be “the one” for me. We married a year later.

After two years of being married I had a tubal reversal. I wanted another baby, and I wanted a baby with the love of my life. There were times I felt guilty for wanting another child when I already had two beautiful and healthy children. But the heart wants what the heart wants. I prayed about it a lot. I was able to get the tubal reversal, but it was unsuccessful. They do a very painful and invasive test by putting dye in the uterus and if it leaks out of your tubes then they are not connected. Within a year, 2 separate dye tests by 2 separate doctors confirmed my tubes were not connected to my ovaries. Conceiving a baby the natural way was not in the books for us. In vitro fertilization IVF was a possibility, but we didn’t have an extra $20-$30,000 to do the procedure that wasn’t even guaranteed. For 5 years we tried to conceive and went to several fertility doctors. But after 4 different fertility doctors and years of testing, poking, prying, and unbearable heartache, they had to take my only working tube because it was mangled so badly. I remember going in that day for surgery being very hopeful and optimistic that my tubes worked now. I was having surgery to remove a few cysts on my ovaries and a fibroid in my uterus. This would make things optimal for conceiving. My husband and I prayed so much about that day and that things would be healthy and work out for us to have a baby. After the surgery I remember waking up and seeing my husband and asking him if the surgery was successful. He couldn’t even speak and with tears just shook his head no. I just started crying, my heart was broken. The doctor came in and was very insensitive and said one tube was so mangled he had to remove it to keep me from having major complications down the road. The other tube I had left wasn't even connected to my ovary. He tested it as well. He did remove the fibroid in my uterus and the cysts on my ovaries. He also told my husband privately that we had “a one in a billion chance of getting pregnant!!!” I remember when I went back to work and told my friends the bad news one dear, sweet friend said to me “God decides, not doctors!” and it gave me hope to make peace with everything in my heart. When you’ve exhausted all options and every doctor says you will never conceive you start to believe that you will never conceive. So, we finally made peace with it.

We came up with a 5-Year Plan!! The 5-Year Plan was how long we had until our 2 teenagers graduated high school and moved out of the house! Then we would do things we loved and travel to places we wanted to and be kid-free. Plus, we would have more money! Teenagers are expensive! Lol.

A year later, around early December, I was training for a 1/2 marathon with my daughter. I remember being tired all of the time and couldn’t even run very long. My daughter even noticed I wasn’t myself. So, I made an appointment with my doctor to have my iron levels and thyroid levels checked. Something was off with my body. The doctors always check your urine to see if you have any infections and for pregnancies. It’s just been a habit for the last 5 years, so I didn’t think anything of it. The doctor came in and sat down and said he knew what was going on with me. I’m thinking I have an infection. He told me I was pregnant.

I asked him to repeat that again…I was in

complete shock and didn’t hear him correctly. He repeated “you are pregnant!” I just started bawling!!!! Like hysterical, ugly-cry bawling so much that the doctor thought I was devastated and didn’t want to be pregnant. I explained how overjoyed I was and couldn’t wait to tell my husband!!! The doctor was relieved and much happier after I told him that. He even gave me the stick with the “plus sign” on it to show my husband.

That evening when my husband got home I could hardly wait! He came through the door, and I had the stick in the bag ready to show him the plus sign. I remember my husband saying “I got something for you. My W2.” And we just laughed a little. Then I said, “I also have something for you” and handed him the bag with the stick that showed the plus sign. He was confused. He thought I tested positive for some disease. We laugh about that now. I told him, “We are pregnant!” I had to repeat it 3 times for it to sink in. Then we embraced and cried in each other’s arms. It was a very special moment that neither of us will ever forget!! We called family and told them that night!!! Everyone was so ecstatic for us! They knew how much we prayed for this child.

Eli is truly our miracle baby that I will forever be thankful for! God is good! I thank God for our Eli all the time and what a blessing he has been to us. He is a healthy 7-year-old boy that is full of life and love! He keeps us on our toes, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Thank You, Heavenly Father, for this precious gift.

Today, take advantage of your covenant of healing. God established it all the way back in Exodus when He said, " I Am The Lord that heals you." He set it as a statute and an ordinance. If God says that He Is, then who can say that He is not? He is not the Great I was. The I Am...Still is!

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