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The Great Physician

Updated: Apr 18

Story by: Renee Johnson (This is the third story Renee has written for Our High Places. Links to her other stories can be found at the end of "The Great Physician")

Our oldest son Ryland had his tonsils and adenoids removed because they were blocking his airway. About 12 days into his recovery he had a large bleeding episode. He needed emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and recovered well after that. About two months later his doctor determined that he needed to have one piece of cartilage removed from inside of his nose. He thought this would help clear his airway completely.

In preparing for surgery he had regular blood testing. These blood tests revealed an elevated, abnormal INR. This meant his blood was too thin even though he doesn’t take any medication to thin his blood. Due to this result, we were referred to a well-known hematology team.

We saw the hematologist for a period of about seven months. In addition, testing revealed that his platelets were low. This delayed any planning of surgery. Multiple blood tests, once a month over a seven month period revealed these two issues were occurring simultaneously. Two different doctors were calling me with results. We had been praying for him to be healed the whole time.

The hematology team and ENT (ear, nose & throat) team decided the recommended surgery should take place somewhere else with a more advanced specialty. So we sought out our own choice of doctors for both specialties.

After several tests and meeting with these doctors, it had been determined that Ryland‘s blood numbers are COMPLETELY NORMAL. His INR is not elevated AT ALL, and his platelets are NORMAL.

In addition, after an exam by two different doctors, it was determined that Ryland doesn’t need the surgery that was prescribed.

We believe that Ryland was healed. Again. Thank you Jesus, the Great Physician.

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