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Trusting the Lord - for He is Good and Faithful

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Story by Tina Kissane

These last few months have taken a toll, I’m embarrassed to admit. Embarrassed because my perception is others will scoff “don’t sweat the small stuff”. Well, this small stuff pushed me to the very edge. Trying something new, I gave two specific troubles to the Lord, asking for the ability to hear his guidance and the strength to leave them in his hands. Giving my troubles to the Lord was not new, releasing them was. That was on a Monday.

Wednesday’s mail contained an insurance check for Hurricane Ian damage. Awesome, we can start making repairs. One trouble fixed!

Thursday a good friend wrote an outstanding post advertising our house for rent. I smiled all day, just knowing blessings were happening.

Friday, I received an estimate for the necessary ceiling repairs and requested a quote for unnecessary painting of living room, kitchen, and dining room. You see, these rooms are painted a dark color. I wanted light and airy! The bid for both was doable under normal circumstances, current situation very far from normal. I believe the Lord told my husband, Jim, how important this paint was to my mental health. Jim agreed to getting it done sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, eight days after releasing my troubles to the Lord, I have a renter! Not just any person, someone in urgent need of housing to leave an abusive relationship. Her and my prayers were answered.

I didn’t give my troubles to God and then continue to fret over what to do, as in the past. God gave me the ability to release my troubles to his care. He gave me peace.

Thank you Lord.

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